About “The Autumn Typewriter”

The Autumn Typewriter

So, what is “The Autumn Typewriter”? Why is it named that? Who’s the one running it? What does it do?

The Autumn Typewriter is a persona that the author Katelyn Reed goes under for her writing. Originating from her love of writing and the love for autumn and the symbolism behind it, the word “Autumn” stands for the change in the seasons into something new and beautiful, the air gets crisp, and the colors change. Much like the writing, the writing is beautiful and new, the stories crisp, and you end up viewing the world around you differently. The word “typewriter” simply ties it with the craft of writing by using the very old writing equipment that Katelyn has a love for.

What the Autumn Typewriter does is simply write stories, from short ones to long ones. With no published works yet, the Autumn Typewriter is still writing and working on getting a published book out. Visit the “Latest Project” page for more information on any current writing and books she is working on.