Working On The Website And Twitter

Hello all, this is Katelyn letting you know that my website will be undergoing some changes while I figure out how to make the pages I made visible to the public, as well as working on my Twitter account to make it more appealing to the audience, as well as update you on regular life and the work life through it. It will be a while, as I plan on making my website change it’s theme, as well as getting those pages up and ready to be viewed (They are already done, they just need to be on the website. It says they’re published, but I can’t find them on the site!).

As for Twitter, I have some plans on tweets I will make regarding the process of my book and the writing sessions. I might live stream it as well via Picarto. You can always find my Picarto via this link:

Either way, i have work to do, and I’ll be streaming it as well! Wish me luck!