Current Project

“My father was a man of few but very clear priorities. Being a king, he had to live by the laws he makes, his father made, and his father before him. Being a fair king was a priority. Being a man in charge of an entire kingdom and the welfare of the people, so that he would not be overthrown and that his family would not come into harm, made him stern. His kingdom was a priority. Religion was not as popular to the Kingdom of Arme, but the practices performed by his past kings and the rituals and holidays set for every year or every circumstance was. Practicing and doing traditions was a priority. From following tradition, my mother birthed me, a prince. After my birth and after my father got to gaze upon me, he had a new priority, one that trumped all others. His son’s health, development, and leadership now was more important than tradition, more important than being a fair king, and more important than the kingdom. On a rare occasion, another priority would influence his response to my priority. This was one of those occasions. War swept over his kingdom and his alliances went from being tied together by chains to frayed string. Four men were meant to arrive in the next coming week, and when they arrived, I will be sent to travel 50 miles west to the keep in the mountains for my own protection. There is a war, and there is a group of people in the castle that shouldn’t be here. They killed a maiden and two guards stationed near mother and father’s room, and I sleep in the room next to them.” -The City Of Fireflies: The Mercenary Of Fire

Sound Interesting?

It should! This is the very beginning of chapter 1 of my first book “The Mercenary Of Fire” from the series “The City Of Fireflies”. This book will hopefully be a trilogy in its final form, and it will be quite an adventure to read!

The series is set in a medieval fantasy world in the Kingdom of Arme following the story of a prince named Yenji. A war has broken out in another kingdom and Yenji’s home is stuck fighting in it as well as several others. For his safety, he has to travel to a keep his father had built in the case of danger ever entering the castle he calls home. Four mercenaries were hired for the job of protecting him on his way there, but not all of them make it to the keep alive. And, better yet, the mercenary that lives isn’t even all that human and must feed often on others to keep from going mad.

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