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So, you want to get in contact with The Autumn Typewriter? Well, you’re in luck! An easy way to get in contact with me is to leave an email to with your question, comment or concern, and I will get back to you right away.

Another way to contact me is to go through Twitter and use the username @autumnwrite on Twitter. I post every now and again some updates that can be summarized from my blog posts here on this website, as well as updates from my Patreon page.

You can also support me by becoming a patron for just $1 a month! There are more rewards for more you pledge, and the more patrons I have, the more support I have, and thus the quicker my stories come out! You can support me by visiting this link:

If you are feeling generous, but cannot become a patron for whatever reason, sending money to my PayPal at is much appreciated! Just make sure you are sending money via “friends and family” rather than “pay for goods and services”. Be sure to let me know if you donate!